Our Mission

is to promote a way of life that is caring, respectful and thoughtful with regard to others, to oneself and the world we live in, to develop the body and mind emotionally, morally, spiritually, academically and physically to enable children to lead meaningful, contented lives as adults.


A way of life that is...


Student Lead Learning

Student lead learning is giving children the opportunity to share the learning styles they mostly demonstrate in class, and teachers adapting their teaching methods to suit these styles.

It is also having flexibility in each lesson to teach by following the children's lead, taking your lesson to the level/point they bring it to. 


Sensory Places

Our sensory room and garden are initiatives to promote a holistic approach to learning. Children are immersed in sensory stimulating environments to ensure that they are learning in the most suitable way for them. These environments inspire their creative imaginations. 


Great outdoor Spaces

Spaces to be active - with 2400 square meters of playing field, an astro turf field for when the weather is not so great and a sensory garden, there is lots of opportunity for outdoor play, sports and activity.


An engaged Education

We believe in teaching in a way in which the children's attention, curiosity, interest, optimism show when they are learning. This in turn helps the level of motivation they have to learn and progress in their education.